Exclusive 24-carat gold treatment

Exclusive 24-carat gold treatment

Every woman deserves a bit of luxury. Let the Diamond Clinic specialists make your skin beautiful with dose of 24-carat gold. Use of this ingredient in body care treatments improves their effect significantly. Gold stimulates growth of cells in reproductive skin layer which influences on production of collagen and elastin. It is especially recommended to persons with visible marks of passage of time and those who expect fast results. After one treatment skin becomes clearly rejuvenated and relaxed and additionally wonderfully brighten up. Tensed and well-toned skin improves face oval significantly, what influences on general improvement of appearance.

Exclusive 24-carat gold treatment
The loss of firmness of the skin
Falling face oval
Tired skin
Regeneration of cells
Oxygenation and relax of skin
Brightening skin up, Improvement of skin tension and face oval
Exclusive 24-carat gold treatment Gdańsk cosmetology Diamond Clinic