Pedicure SPA

Pedicure SPA
Manicure & Pedicure

If you want to have beautiful and neat feet, it’s worth supplementing classic nail care with a pedicure SPA treatment. It’s a comprehensive relaxing and soothing technique, based on a specialized regeneration. It includes three stages: a purifying and peeling-off treatment, intensive skin and nails care as well as a massage. If you decide to use this method, you can expect a deep moisturizing and feet regeneration effect. The Diamond Clinic experts pay a special attention to details and will make your feet silky smooth, while nails will be beautiful and tidy. A great advantage of the Pedicure SPA is a soothing character. The massage performed during the treatment will bring a relief to tired feet and a moment of relax

Pedicure SPA
Work-worn feet
Dry and untidy nails
Calloused and rough feet skin
Sense of tired legs
Deep moisturizing and regeneration
Elimination of calluses
Smoothening feet skin
Relief for sore legs
Pedicure SPA Gdańsk manicure & pedicure Diamond Clinic