Permanent brows stylization -microblading and manual shading)

Permanent brows stylization -microblading and manual shading)

Brows are extremely important element of make-up. They’re a frame of eyes and when properly adjusted, they influence on face oval. Every woman dreams of thick and symmetrical brows. Unfortunately, not all of them may have it. Permanent stylization seems to be a perfect solution. It’s a good choice if our natural brows are thin, assymetrical or have disappeared due to the stylization of many years. Moreover, persons who don’t like spending much time on making-up should also choose it. The Diamond Clinic specialists perform this treatment with a professional equipment and the best cosmetics. Everything is done in an extremely precise, hygienic and painless way. Get an effect of ideal brows and enjoy it for a long time.

Permanent brows stylization -microblading and manual shading)
Thin or assymetric brows
Lack of brows
Lack of time for everyday stylization of brows
Brows adjusted to shape of eye and face
Permanent brow picture for several years
Permanent brows stylization Gdańsk visage Diamond Clinic