The Maria Galland Cocoon treatment

The Maria Galland Cocoon treatment

The Diamond Clinic specialists know that in dependence on skin type, it has different needs. In response to various needs of our clients, we offer exclusive Maria Galland Cocoon treatments directed towards women at every age. The professional staff will select the most appropriate mask, thanks to which our skin will get more clear oval, excellent brightening up and intensive regeneration as well as deep moisturizing for a long time. The treatment itself is also extremely relaxing. It is so due to professional massage with the Shiatsu pressures and delicate firm foam. Its application causes that skin absorbs unique nutritious ingredients and let skin be visibly healthier and younger.

The Maria Galland Cocoon treatment
Skin with no radiance
The loss of firmness of the skin
Dry skin
Deep moisturizing
Brighting up
Intensive regeneration
The Maria Galland Cocoon treatment Gdańsk cosmetology Diamond Clinic