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Restylane is a range of modern fillers which contain hyaluronic acid as their main component. They improve the appearance of the skin by treating wrinkles, plumping the lips, shaping the oval of the face and restoring facial elasticity.

And though Restylaneproducts are applied mostly on the face, they can rejuvenate the skin in any other area of the bodywhich requiresrevitalisation.

Most often treated parts of the body include:

– Lips and chin are areas which are especially prone to ageing. Every day talking, smiling or smoking take quite a toll on the skin. The treatment re-plumps, smoothes and moisturises the lips. Furthermore, it restores the elasticity of the delicate skin around the lips and on the chin;

– cheeks and areas around the nose – Restylane products, in a natural way, restore the plumpness and firmness of the face, giving it a young and radiant appearance,

– Areas around the eyes and the forehead – forehead wrinkles and lines around the eyes often give the face a sad and weary appearance. The effect of the treatment is restoration of the fresh, radiant and smooth appearance of the skin.

– Other parts of the body. Restylaneproducts are also ideal to revitalise the skin of the neck, décolleté and hands. They restore skin moisturisation and structure.

In addition to the elimination of ageing signs, Restylane treatments help get rid of scars, e.g. after smallpox or acne.

Restylane fillers have a lot of benefits, the most important being:

– Minimum risk of allergic reactions – since they include plant-based hyaluronic acid, there is no need to perform any skin tests, and the risk of allergy is extremely low,

– No adverse effect on the facial expression – being a natural product Restylane does not have any negative effect on the facial expression or movement of facial muscles,

– Immediate and long-lasting effect – the results of treatment are visible at once and are durable (9-12 months) but not permanent, which gives the patients a choice between retaining or changing the achieved effect,

– Effectiveness and safety – the effectiveness of Restylane products has been confirmed by a lot of clinical research around the world, which is consistent with Evidence Based Medicine.


treating wrinkles
plumping the lips
shaping the oval of the face
restoring facial elasticity
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