Shellac manicure

Manicure & Pedicure

This technique has mases of fans all over the world. As an alternative to artificial nails, it’s been popular for many years. Its particular advantage is its long-lasting as this kind of manicure is kept in an unchanged form for even three weeks. After putting a hybrid nail polish on, a nail becomes hardened and resistant to damages as well as it gets incredible gloss and color. Prepared in this way, it’s a perfect base for very kind of grace. The basis of the hybrid manicure is its professional performance. Specialized knowledge allows to use of the advantages of this method. The Diamond Clinic staff will take care of your nails with pleasure. Thanks to us, they will be beautiful and tidy.

Shellac manicure
untidy nails
willingness to have permanent manicure
The results:
color and gloss of nails for a long time
beautiful and tidy nails
Manicure clasic