Needle mesotherapy

Aesthetic medicine

Skin is our largest organ and being an integral part of our body it requires proper nutrition. If we neglect this aspect and it becomes damaged by excessive exposure to the sun or cigarette smoking, dehydrated or dry, wrinkles and age spots will develop.

When we notice that our skin cries for help, mesotherapy may well be one of the best treatments to improve its condition.

Mesotherapy – when it is recommended?

Mesotherapyis a good choice for patients who want to:

– rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck or décolleté,

– improve skin firmness and elasticity,

– reduce wrinkles,

– remove dark circles under the eyes,

– remove age spots from the face, neck, décolletéand hands,

– lighten their skin on the face, neck and hands,

– hydrate and rejuvenate the skin on their hands,

– get rid of stretch marks and cellulite,

– reduce fat in selected body parts,

– overcome the problem of hair loss.

Mesotherapy – what it is?

Mesotherapy works in a similar way as a drip which delivers nutrients and restorative drugs to the body.

Depending on a patient’s needs, mesotherapy is used to deliver hyaluronic acid which may be additionally enriched with vitamins or other substances which have a very beneficial effect on the skin. These may include inorganic salts, caffeine, glycerine or micronutrients.

A single mesotherapy procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes and involves a sequence of injections with the use of a special needle.

Patients do not need to be afraid of pain because a numbing cream is first applied to the area to be treated.

Mesotherapy is most effective when treatments are repeated many times. The optimum number of treatments depends on the skin condition and the effect that the patient desires to achieve.

Usually, doctors recommend three sessions of treatments every three weeks followed by three sessions every month. Following this, one session a year is required to retain the result.

Mesotherapy results are visible almost immediately. The skin becomes more firm, smooth and better oxygenated and looks radiant

Needle mesotherapy

deep and shallow wrinkles
the loss of firmness of the skin
flabbing skin of backs of hands
scars, stretch marks, cellulite
The results:
smooth and well-toned skin
elimination of imperfections