Cryolift Filorga with cream mask


Thr Cryolift method offered by the Diamond Clinic uses favorable cryotherapy (“electronic ice cubes”) and nutritious the highest class ingredients. During the treatment, skin is cooled down with a special head, thus substances based on an extract of salmon caviar and rich complex goes into skin. This process regenerates cells and stimulates them in an intensive way. Additionally, it speeds microcirculation up, oxygenates skin and enables transport of active ingredients. Thanks to cryoplastic, skin becomes smoother and more elastic. As a non-invasive method, it’s an excellent alternative to more intensive rejuvenating treatments.

Cryolift Filorga with cream mask
limp skin
lack of well-toning
weaker face oval
falling cheeks and so called “hamsters”
The results:
tension and improved elasticity of skin
a lifting effect
improved face oval
brightening skin up