Lip Injection/Lip augmentation

Aesthetic medicine

Many women dream of having full, sensual lips. The shape of lips has a great effect on the appearance of the face. Lips that are too narrow give an air of ‘fierceness’ whilst drooping mouth corners of ‘sadness’.

Apart from innate flaws, as we age our lips losetheir firmness and elasticity, and decrease in volume.If we add excessive exposure to the sun, smoking or malocclusion, the effect may be narrow lips and wrinkled skin around them.

Patients who do not like the shape of their lips may change their appearance in a very easy and safe way.  The dynamic development of aesthetic medicine has made it possible to all to achieve a good result quickly and painlessly.

Lip augmentation – what does it involve?

Most commonly, lip augmentation and modelling is performed with the use of hyaluronic acid. It is a natural filler which is applied on and around the lips using a fine needle – cannula.  The treatment is pain free and usually takes 30 minutes.  The effects become visible immediately after the procedure and last for about one year. After this period, the treatment with hyaluronic acid may be repeated.

The method of treatment is always selected on a case by case basis. Sometimes we suggest that patients have autologous fat transfer lip augmentation. Everything is agreed during earlier specialist consultations.

For whom is lip augmentation intended?

Lip augmentation is intended for patients who are not happy with the shape, size and structure of their lips. It will also work well in patients with apparent lip asymmetry and fading colour.

Hyaluronic acid lip augmentation – how effective is the technique?

The treatment can improve the appearance of the lips by:

– correcting their shape,

– improving their firmness and elasticity,

– improving their colour,

– reducing the drooping of the corners of the mouth,

– enhancing their moistening.

Since the effect is durable but not permanent, patients can, after 12 months, repeat the treatment or seek another effect.

Lip Injection/Lip augmentation

small and narrow mouth
dropping corners
lips assymetry
“wrinkles of a smoker”
The results:
mouth enlargement
reduction of assymetry
moisturizing and improvement of colour and outline of lips
smoothening wrinkles