Candle massage

Candle massage

Massage with the use of candles is a relief for a dry and tired skin. It’s a combination of colors, aromatherapy and intensive care, thus it’s all to the senses. In accordance with the selected scent, it has relaxing or stimulating effect. Natural vegetable oils connected with beeswax are a rescue for skin demanding nourishment. Influenced by touch and warmth, they go into deeper parts and make skin smooth, well-toned and moisturized for a long time. The Diamond Clinic specialists emphasize usefulness of of the candle massage against cellulite. It’s worth using favorable properties of this unique technique and take a moment of relax in surroundings of wonderful aroma.

Candle massage
Tiredness, stress
Dry and dehydrated skin
Relaxation and stress relief
Moisturized and nourished skin
Reduction of cellulite
Candle massage Gdańsk Diamond Clinic