Massage with hot stones

Massage with hot stones

Massage with stones is a form of effecting on body which uses mechanical stimulus like warmth, cold and pressure to evoke physiological reaction in the human body. The Diamond Clinic experts assure that the treatment has an excellent influence both on the body and mind. It provides good mental and physical state. It’s worth applying especially when we suffer from pains in joint, neck and spine. As it cleanses body from toxic substances, it improves metabolism. Hot stones stimulate blood circulation, supports better nourishment of the body cells and aerates skin. Regular application influences on appearance positively - after few sessions already it may be observed that skin is in better condition!

Massage with hot stones
Stress, tiredness
Pains in joints, neck, spine, muscles
Better mental and physical state
Relaxation of tensed muscles
Decrease in pain connected with joints and bones
Cleansing body, Improvement of appearance
Massage with hot stones Gdańsk Diamond Clinic