Aesthetic medicine

DERMAPEN ™ is the most technologically advanced device for fractional micro-puncturing of the skin. It is more effective and safe than other methods used so far. The whole secret is that DERMAPEN ™, using a patented system of pulsating needles, stimulates the skin to use its natural regenerative capacity.

The automatic skin puncturing function used in DERMAPEN ™ 4.0 significantly increases the effectiveness of treatments by increasing the degree of penetration of active substances into the skin. The latest technological solutions reduce the patient’s discomfort to a minimum.

Thanks to the DERMAPEN ™ treatment, wrinkles are reduced, the skin thickens and the production of collagen is naturally stimulated. In addition, after just one treatment, we reduce the visibility of pores, reduce the visibility of stretch marks or acne / burn / accident scars. The device is also used in the treatment of alopecia.



anti-aging prophylaxis

correction of fine wrinkles

moisturizing, nourishing, revitalizing the skin

sagging skin (face, neck, cleavage)

discoloration therapy

enlarged pores

acne scars, burn scars, accident scars

The results:

visible reduction of wrinkles

uniform skin tone

skin thickening effect, natural stimulation of collagen production

reducing the visibility of pores

reduction of the visibility of stretch marks

reduction of acne scars and burn scars

baldness treatment